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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Humor

My older kids took my younger kids Trick or Treating around the neighborhood Saturday night. My 6 year old was dressed up as "Shaggy" from Scooby Doo. He wore a shaggy red wig, a green shirt, and even had a stuffed Scooby doll on a leash to complete the ensemble. The older kids were laughing when they returned. They said that at one of the houses, the person handing out the candy commented on his costume.
"You sure are dressed up cute! Who are you?" To which he responded, "Pete!"

Pete entertained us last Halloween as well. We had just recovered from a stomach virus right before the big night. Whenever the kids feel sick to their stomach, I give them a silver bowl to sleep with, just in case they can't make it to the bathroom in time. Well at one particular house the lady handed out the candy from a silver bowl that looked just like ours. Imagine my horror when Pete kept proclaiming loudly, "MOMMY, WHY IS THAT LADY HANDING OUT CANDY FROM A THROW UP BOWL??"

Perhaps our funniest Halloween moment came several years ago. For many years, the churches in our area held carnivals on Halloween night, so we'd go there rather than Trick or Treating from house to house. One particular church had clowns walking around with bags of candy. The kids would run up to the clowns and say "Trick or Treat!" and each clown would hold his bag open for the kids to get a handful of candy. Well one night, we had just gotten home when the doorbell rang. There on the porch was one little Trick or Treat straggler holding his bag of candy open for a deposit. Imagine his surprise when my child, not knowing any better, dipped his hand in the bag, retrieved a fistful of candy, and with a hearty "Thanks!" shut the door in his face.

In all of the fun that fall brings...I hope you enjoy fun times and make great memories with your family. Most importantly, I hope you take time to Hallow Him.

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